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superior-plusAs an alternative to just printing your Will at home, with the "Superior Plus" Will package, in addition to all the benefits of our "Superior" package, we will professionally print your Will on high quality paper and securely bind the document with "tamper proof" rivets. Your Will document will be posted to you direct via RM 1st Class Recorded delivery. PLUS FREE BONUS read more..

Superior Plus BONUS!

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popWhen you select our "Superior Plus" Will package, by way of a thank you, we offer the following additional features:

FREE Attestation check - We check your Will to ensure that it is correctly signed, dated & witnessed.

FREE Will storage for 12 months - Since Wills can easily get lost, damaged and invalidated at home, or even read inappropriately by a family member, it is essential that your Will is stored somewhere safe. After checking we will place your Will in our secure storage facility FREE of charge for the first year. You will of course retain access to your online copy as well as a certified copy of the original.

Superior Will Package Features & Prices


  • In addition to our Premier package benefits
  • Your Will checked by our team to ensure that it accurately reflects your wishes
  • and to ensure that you have made no errors with your online Will instruction


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  • When our check is complete (up to 48 hours) we send email you confirmation
  • You may then access and download your Will from our secure server


About our Superior Will Package

With our "Superior" Will package, not only do you get all the benefits of our Premier Will package, but in addition, before you print your Will, one of our team will check the document thoroughly to ensure that that you have made no mistakes and that what you want to happen after your death will happen.

Should we find any areas of doubt or uncertainty during the checking process, or any items that cause us concern, one of our team will contact you to clarify your wishes.

When your Will has been thoroughly checked and everything is in order, we will send you an confirmation email. You will then be given access to download and print your Will from our secure server.

With the "Superior" Will package, you are able to make amendments via our Will drafting software for up to 48 hours after you have purchased the package. After this period your Will is frozen and the checking process begins.

Like the "Premier" Will, our "Superior" Will package is available in Single Will or Mirror Will versions and a full Will "commentary" is provided to explain the content of your Will in plain English. To make your wishes legally binding your Will needs to be signed, dated and your signature witnessed. Full signing instructions are included with the package and it is your responsibility to to ensure that this gets done correctly.


Payment Information

Superior Will Package

All payments are payable via PayPal - a secure third party online payment provider. PayPal account holders can pay via their existing account. Non PayPal members can simply pay using their debit or credit cards.

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You will need to download Acrobat reader to view and print your Wills. Acrobat reader can be downloaded from here:



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