Make a Will

Premier Package:

Cost Effective Will

demoOur "Premier" package is our most cost effective Will solution. Having completed the questionnaire and made your secure payment, your Will can be downloaded and printed. A full Will "commentary" is provided to explain the content of your Will in plain English, and full signing instructions are included. Read more..

Superior Package:

Your Will Checked

demoIf you select our Superior package, before you print your Will, our team will check the document to ensure that it is error free and that everything is in order. When your Will has been thoroughly checked we will send you an email to confirm and you will given access to download and print your Will from our secure server. read more..

Superior Plus:

Will Checked & Bound

superior-plusAs an alternative to just printing your Will at home, with the "Superior Plus" Will package, in addition to all the benefits of our "Superior" package, we will professionally print your Will on high quality paper and securely bind the document with "tamper proof" rivets. Your Will document will be posted to you direct via RM 1st Class Recorded delivery. PLUS FREE BONUS read more..

Make a Will

To Make a Will your first consideration should be to plan it out thoroughly first. Before you can start to Make a Will you need to know exactly who your Executors, Guardians and beneficiaries will be and if you havent read our section detailing how to Plan a Will on our About a Will page, perhaps now would be a good time to do so!

When you are ready to proceed, select the Will package that best suits your situation and click the red button on the appropriate page. This will take you to our Make a Will questionnaire and our Online Will Writing System. The system has been devised and rigorously tested and has evolved over time to provide you with a seamless and user friendly experience.

Step 1: Getting Started:

The first step when first using our Service will be for you to set up a log on profile using your Email address and a Password of your choice. For extra security we will also ask you to set up a security question and answer. If you prefer, you can set up yourself on a "Guest" account basis to familiarise yourself with the Make a Will software first.

Step 2: Complete the Make a Will questionnaire

As soon as you are ready our simple and straightforward Make a Will questionnaire will load. You can then go ahead and complete the Make a Will questionnaire - as long as you have completed the Planning a Will stage and know what your wishes after death are, it shouldn't take more than about 10 minutes from start to finish. If you need to stop and return later to your Make a Will questionairre, you can come back and log back into the system later.

The Make a Will questionnaire itself has been designed to be intuitive and will intelligently lead you through the question and answer process. There are a wealth of informative features to make the creation of your Will as efficient and effortless as possible.

Features include:

  • automatic population of your spouse/civil partners surname details
  • useful guidance for assistance with detail required
  • drop down lists of data previously entered
  • intelligent input fields
  • pick lists to assist with information entry

Step 3: Selecting the Product and payment

Finally, click "What’s Next" for guidance through the final procedures. To ensure your will is complete, the system ensures that you will be unable to proceed until all mandatory information in the Will questionnaire has been completed.

You will need to select the will service/package you would like and then make your payment via your credit/debit card. You will be asked to confirm your acceptance of our Terms and Conditions before making payment via PayPal.

During the registration process, if you clicked that you are married, in a civil partnership or living as partners,you may have chosen to write Mirror Wills. If that is the case, you will have the option to purchase a mirror will (see below).

Step 4: Download Your Will

When your payment has been made:

you will be automatically returned to the initial screen which will include, depending on the service/package purchased you will be offered and the following additional options:

  • Download a Will (Premier Will package only)
  • View the status of your Will (Superior & Superior Plus Will packages)
  • Switch to Mirror Wills (only if Mirror Will requested)

Mirror Wills

If you purchased a Mirror Will, you now need to select the "Switch to Mirror Will" option from the Menu.

Your spouse/partner will then be asked to create their own unique log on, following which they will be presented with a "mirror" version of the questionnaire.

Your spouse/partner is then asked to review the Will questionnaire and make any neccessary changes before submitting it for processing. Your spouse/partner will be asked to accept the Terms and Conditions of Service.

Living Wills and Powers of Attorney:

Living Wills and Powers of Attorney are not currently supported using our online Will writing software. Our Living Wills and Powers of Attorney are individually tailored to your requirements and arranged over the telephone with one of our consultants who will discuss your requirements and then take your instructions.

For further assistance:

Email us:

Please provide as much information about your query