Frequently Asked Questions

Premier Package:

Cost Effective Will

demoOur "Premier" package is our most cost effective Will solution. Having completed the questionnaire and made your secure payment, your Will can be downloaded and printed. A full Will "commentary" is provided to explain the content of your Will in plain English, and full signing instructions are included. Read more..

Superior Package:

Your Will Checked

demoIf you select our Superior package, before you print your Will, our team will check the document to ensure that it is error free and that everything is in order. When your Will has been thoroughly checked we will send you an email to confirm and you will given access to download and print your Will from our secure server. read more..

Superior Plus:

Will Checked & Bound

superior-plusAs an alternative to just printing your Will at home, with the "Superior Plus" Will package, in addition to all the benefits of our "Superior" package, we will professionally print your Will on high quality paper and securely bind the document with "tamper proof" rivets. Your Will document will be posted to you direct via RM 1st Class Recorded delivery. PLUS FREE BONUS read more..

Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Don't I need a solicitor to write my Will?
  2. Download a Will - are these Wills legal?
  3. Executors of Estates - should I use a solicitor?
  4. Why do I need a Will ?
  5. I already have a Will, can I change that one?
  6. What if my Will gets lost or damaged?
  7. What if I can't decide what gifts I want to make?

Don't I need a solicitor to write my Will?

  • Absolutely not! Our Will writing software has been designed by solicitors and is used in many solicitors practices to write Wills for their private clients.
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Download a Will - are these Wills legal?

  • Of course! Our Wills contain proven clauses used in many Wills and based on common legal precedence for Wills written in England and Wales. To make your Will legal it needs to be properly signed and witnessed. Read more..
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Executors of Estates - should I use a solicitor?

  • Solicitors can act as Executors of Estates and in complex trust situations and for more complicated Estates it is adviseable. The only thing to be wary of is the charges they are likely to make when acting in that capacity. Most people are quite capable of acting as Executors of Estates for most simply structured estates since the process is quite straightforward. Read more..
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Why do I need a Will?

  • If you die without a Will you are known as having died "Intestate" and under the terms of the ancient Laws of Intestacy your Will is effectively written by someone else, and therefore, your property and posessions will pass according to these rules. Unfortunately, this means in many cases that the people who you would have wanted and assumed would inherit your Estate may not inherit anything. If you have no living relatives, all your worldly goods could go to the Government! Read more..

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I already have a Will, can I change that one?

  • For simple changes to your Will you can draft a Codicil, but in many cases the event that has triggered your need to make changes to your Will such as birth of a child, separation or divorce will normally mean that it will be cheaper to write a new Will. All our Wills contain a clause that will automatically revoke any previous Will you may have.
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What if my Will gets lost or damaged?

  • If your Will cannot be found after your death, then you will be deemed not to have a Will and your possessions will pass according to the Laws of Intestacy. Similarly, if you Will has become damaged or unreadable, your wishes may not be able to be read or carried out. It is essential that you store your Will safely and that your Executors are fully aware of where your Will is kept in the event of your death. Why not try our secure Will storage facility FREE for 12 months?
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What if I can't decide what gifts I want to make?

  • With Download a Will, our Wills give you the opportunity to leave your personal posessions according to a pre-prepared list or memorandum that is kept separately from your Will. This means that you could prepare a list of specific gifts and name the people that you would like to inherit. Since its possible existance is only referred to in your Will, should you wish to change who inherits what, all you need do is write a new list - much easier than writing a new Will!
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