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download-a-will Download a Will offers three very cost effective Will packages to enable you to download your Will in as little as 10 minutes. Simply register with us, complete our simple online Will questionnaire and you can Download your Will today. read more..

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without-a-willIf you die without a Will you are known to have died "Intestate". Without a Will, your Estate is divided amongst your family according to the Laws of Intestacy, and what this means is that the assets you have worked for all your life could pass on your death to people whom you never intended to inherit, and if you died with no living relations, everything you own could go to the Treasury! read more..

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store-will Your Will should always be stored in a safe place and your Executors should always know where to find it. If you store your Will at home, it can easily get lost or damaged or even read by a family member against your will. If you write your Will using our any of our "Superior Plus"Will package, we will store your Will in our secure storage facility FREE of charge.. read more..

Download A Will - Welcome

Download a Will is an online Will writing service that enables you to make and download Wills using our simple interactive online system. Our site will explain in detail how to get a Will, how to make a Will and the things you need to think about prior to making a Will.

The process of making a Will is very simple and you should be able to download a Will in around 10 minutes. Our unique and intelligent online Make a Will questionnaire includes a wealth of features and functionality to make the process as easy as possible and the whole online Will writing system has been extensively tested in order to ensure that the entire process is user friendly and straightforward to use.

Our team at Download a Will have been writing Wills for over 20 years and unlike many Will writing websites, we do not use templates. What you get from Download a Will is a legal fully completed Will download tailored to your wishes.

How to Make a Will

To make a Will could not be easier! With Download a Will, we offer three packages, from the basic "Premier" Will package where you can write and then download your Will instantly, or with the "Superior" Will package we will check your Will for you before you download and print it to ensure that there are no mistakes or inconsistencies. With the "Superior" Will package we Will email you when your Will has been checked and is ready for you to download and print, or if there is anything that is less than clear on your Will, our team will email you for clarification.

Our "Superior Plus" Will package is our most comprehensive online Will. With this package, not only will we check your Will for any errors or inconsistencies, but we will professionally print it for you on quality paper and securely bind it with tamperproof rivets for extra security. Another bonus with this package is that we will manually check your Will FREE of charge after it has been signed and witnessed to ensure that is has been attested correctly. As Wills can easily get mislaid or damaged or inappropriately read by a family member when you keep them at home, with the "Superior Plus" package we will store your Will in our secure Will storage facility FREE of charge for the first year.

Example Will Download: Please click to see an Example Will.

Why Make a Will?

The primary reason for writing your Will is to ensure that your wishes regarding the distribution of your property and assets after your death will pass to only the beneficiaries who you would want to inherit. To make your Will you are equally ensuring that people who you did not want to inherit your estate do not inherit!

Another very good reason for you to make your Will is to prevent the Crown from inheriting your estate under the intestacy laws should you die without any surviving family members. Can you imagine writing this clause in your Will: "And to my dear friends at the Treasury I leave all my worldly goods"?

About a Will

About a Will: Your Will could detail any specific gifts that you wanted to make and to whom, plus an age when a child could inherit, or perhaps you might like to make a gift to a specific Charity.

You should also nominate persons to act as Guardian for any of your children whilst they are under 18 and you should also be appointing Executors who would administer your estate on death and Trustees who would look after any inheritance until a minor reached a specified age. Your funeral wishes could also be outlined, for example a preference for a burial or cremation. You may want a "green" burial in a cardboard coffin - but if nobody knows, it just won't happen!

Single Will or Mirror Wills

All our Will packages are available in Single Will format or as Mirror Wills. A Single Will is just as it sounds - a Will for an individual. However, if you are Married or in Civil Partnership, often your Wills are required to be very similar for each spouse or partner. "Mirror" Wills is the term to describe a pair of Wills that are share similarities.

Download a Will in Plain English

For very good reason, Wills tend to be written in "Legalese" terminology so that the clauses are robust should a Will ever be challenged after death. A Will download from Download a Will has to be drafted in the same "Legalese" format, but in order to make those tricky legal terms inteligible to everybody, all of our Will downloads come complete with a separate Will commentary that clearly explains all the clauses in your Will download in plain and simple English. Furthermore, the Download a Will website is packed with useful information to explain all about a Will, how to make a Will, and what you will need to think about before you start writing your own Will download.

Cost of a Will Download

Will Downloads: Our Will Downloads are very competitively priced and you can download Wills from as little as £29.

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